Tips on What Shoes to Wear to a Job Interview

When you have the opportunity to interview for a new job, it is important to look your best and dress in a way that shows you are a professional. Having shoes that tie your outfit together and make the right impression is as important as anything else you can wear. Though workplaces are getting more relaxed in their dress code, a job interview is no time to dress down. In this guide, you will find tips for choosing the right dress shoes to wear to land that interview and start your new job.

It is important that your interview footwear is professional. Overly high heels, flashy colors and prints, and even open toed shoes can make your appearance more casual and can send the wrong message to your prospective boss. A professional, close toed, neutral colored flat or low heeled shoe is going to be the most appropriate option. A nice flat or pump can be a great option; or even a stylish boot can be a great choice if it is not too high. Sneakers of any kind are a big no-no. Professional dress shoes that are simple, with few embellishments will show that you are capable of looking the part of a professional, which in turn makes the interviewer believe that you are capable of performing the part as well.

You should make sure that the professional dress shoes you choose are clean and compliment your interview attire well. You certainly don't have to rush out and buy a new pair of shoes just to wear to the interview, but you should make sure they are free from visible wear, dirt, and scuffs. Take some time before your interview to clean up your footwear and even polish them if possible. If you do buy a new shoe for the occasion, make sure they are comfortable and easy to walk in.

The last thing you would want is to trip and fall or walk as though your feet hurt, this does not present an air of professionalism and confidence. Your professional shoes should be classy and comfortable and match the job you are applying for, especially if it is an office or desk job.

Once you've chosen your interview attire, you'll be able to find a professional dress shoe that will make the statement you desire and give you the professional look you will need to confidently enter an interview and secure your future job.


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