The Secrets of Wholesale Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds have always been the diamond trade's little secret. There have always been colored diamonds especially on the wholesale market, but now they are becoming more and more popular with the retail jewelry market. The reason that many people have never heard of colored diamonds is the fact that they are rarer than clear diamonds and come in an irregular supply. Most people do not want to promote colored diamonds because of the possibility of a higher demand and no supply. But since the word is spreading about colored diamonds, they are becoming more available for the jewelry market than ever before.

There is a whole spectrum of colors that can be available in colored diamonds. You can get colors such as a light lavender pink, to a yellow, coffee brown or orange brown. Some are even a very smoky gray blue. These are some of the most common colors. There are also available rarer colors such as deep pink and green. Most wholesalers will have to source these upon request. This can cost you quite a bit more money, but you will get the exact diamond that you are looking for.

The most common, however, is the yellow diamond. Yellow diamonds are available through many different diamond wholesalers and jewelry stores. Price will depend on the color that your choose and also the grade of intensity of the color. The color intensity is rated by faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy intense, fancy dark, fancy deep, and fancy vivid. Fancy vivid is absolutely the most intense color that you can purchase in a colored diamond. Fancy and vivid are common terms in grading diamonds. If those words are present, then you know that you will be getting a higher grade of diamond.

The price of a colored diamond is also dependent upon the evenness of the distribution, saturation, and tone. Not all diamond sellers will have the exact same grading system, but if you are shown examples of their grading system you will be able to tell which ones are of better quality. The higher the quality, the more that you will want to make sure that you get the diamond insured. A colored diamond is a serious investment, just like regular diamonds. You will want to think carefully about it before you make your purchase.

You can check for the availability of colored diamonds from any diamond wholesaler. If you are thinking about buying colored diamonds for jewelry, you will want to make sure that you are getting a high quality setting in order to properly display your new colored diamond. While they do tend to be more expensive than the more common clear diamond, a colored diamond is truly an investment in beauty. You will be able to enjoy this diamond throughout the years and be able to tell all of your friends how rare it is. A woman who receives a colored diamond will truly feel like royalty because of the rare quality of these diamonds.


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