Jeans: A Wardrobe Staple

While there are plenty of fashion items and styles that are restricted to a certain type of person, there are some items that will find a home in any wardrobe. Perhaps the best example of clothes that are popular with people from all different tastes and backgrounds are jeans. Since they first hit popular culture back in the 1950s, jeans have been through many incarnations and have become a firm favourite with people all over the world.

Sometimes people call other trousers that are cut in a similar style to popular jeans by the same name, but real jeans are only ever made of denim. However, denim is a very flexible fabric and there are many different thicknesses and textures that mean it lends itself to many designs. What's more, denim comes in all types of colours these days. It used to be that all jeans were blue, but dyes and bleaching processes ensure that you can now buy jeans in pretty much any colour of the rainbow.

The real key to the enduring success of jeans is their extreme versatility, from dungarees suitable for heavy duty work to skinny jeans best suited for gigs or nights out, there are jeans to fit every purpose. When you're looking for clothing to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, there's nothing more reliable than a well loved pair of jeans. There's something about the way that denim becomes worn in and moulds itself to your body that ensures that you feel good when you slip into them.

On the other hand, jeans come in some very sexy designs these days and with the addition of extras such as diamante designs, decorative zips or creative cuts means that jeans can be worn to fancy events or special occasions now too. Many work places would once have banned jeans in their offices as they were thought of as epitomising casual styles. In the 2000s, however, jeans come in many smart guises and that means that you're more likely than ever to include them in your work wardrobe as well as your home one.

Another great thing about jeans is that there is truly a style to suit everyone out there, from tight jeans great for long legs to boot cut styles ideal for creating the illusion of smaller hips there are cuts to make the most of all types of figures. With all of these factors in mind, it's little wonder jeans remain some of the most popular clothing choices around.


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