Leather Handbags: Perfect Accessory for Any Occasion

The famous 25-year-old twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attended last week's JC Penny eventin New York to promote their lower-priced Olsenboye line, but sported luxurious $3,200-a-piece leather handbags from their very own fashion line The Row. Although they were there to supporttheir cheaper line, exclusively sold at JC Pennyand very popular among American teens, the multi-million-dollar celebrities were very subtle in promoting their more expensive line when they toted their The Row leather handbags during the event.

Why Leather is the Best Choice

But why is everyone crazed about owning these luxury items? If you're wondering why designer bags are expensive, it's because of their material, the production process, the quantity of bags released for sale,and the exclusive design. Fashion designers tend to choose leather over all other fabricsbecause of its composition. Here's a quick glance at some leather facts:

      * Dried, toughened, tanned and dyed skin or hide of animals, such as cows, kangaroos, ostriches
      * Naturally versatile material: warm in winter and cool in summer
      * Has natural insulation characteristics: allows ventilation and evaporation
      * Quality is determined by the actual processes and chemicals used by the manufacturer during their production
      * Different types of leather
           o Vegetable-tanned leather
                * supple but can be damaged by water
           o Alum-tanned leather
                * created with aluminium salts
                * less supple, can rot in water
                * can be made in lighter shades than vegetable-tanned leather
           o Brain-tanned leather or buckskin
                * made from animal brains or emulsified oils
                * washable
                * softer than other varieties
                * rarest, costly and time-consuming production
           o Full-grain leather
                * used in finer leather products
                * uses excellent quality raw materials
           o Top-grain leather
                * sanded on one side and given an artificial grain to hide raw material imperfections
                * the other side is fuzzy
o Patent leather
                * has a very shiny, smooth finish and coated with plastic
           o Shagreen
                * rough leather
                * usually coloured green
           o Belting leather
                * heavy and durable
                * can retain its shape well
           o Napa leather
                * popular for its softness
           o Vachetta leather
                * Usually trim on handbags

The characteristics listed above answer the question why leather bags are more expensive and have different qualities.

Durable, Beautiful and Easy Maintenance

Luxury brands and exclusive boutiques use high quality leather for their handbags because they believe in designing the best products from the best materials. Here are some advantages when you purchase top quality, genuine leather handbags:

      * Durability
           o Can last for a long time
           o Made of very strong material - animal skin
           o Light but can carry much weight than other materials
           o Flexible material
      * Aesthetic appeal
           o Available in plenty of types, colours, styles and texture
           o Has a very desirable appeal
           o Attractive designs that suit different personalities and lifestyles
           o A perfect accessory for any and every occasion
           o Stands for a woman's elegant taste in fashion
      * Maintenance
           o Easy to clean, wiping or rubbing with a cloth
           o Won't be damaged or ripped off when washed
           o Dirt or dust is easy to remove because they don't stick to the material

If you want some fabulous leather handbags perfect for any occasion,you can shop for beautiful designer handbags without leaving the comforts of your home. You can purchase these bags online at Vanses.


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